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Month: April 2012

Where Should I Advertise My Online Store?

Online advertising isn’t as confusing as many small business owners think. Just like in the brick-and-mortar world, the goal is to acquire new customers as cheaply as possible. It’s the same with online businesses; only the methods are different. And just like in the offline world, knowing where to place your ads will determine the success or failure of your ad campaign. Generally, the products you sell will dictate where you should advertise. If your ad budget allows it, advertising on Web

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What Makes a Good Manager?

Strong management is becoming more and more important as my staff grows. Are there certain characteristics that make a good manager? Identifying management potential doesn’t have to be complicated. In my experience, a good manager is someone who can plan, organize and sprinkle their activities with a dose of leadership. A good manager doesn’t require a strategic plan for the next millennium. They just need to know what’s happening next week and be able to communicate that information in a meani

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