The Olympics officially start today – in fact they have already started. So it isn't surprising that even the business news is dominated by sports or that other issues are getting pushed to the back pages. But the Olympics can also be a big opportunity for small business and we ran a short article with some tips on how a small business can make the most of Olympic fever – and yes, it isn't too late to try some of them out. Take a look at Five tips for Olympics-related sales. Other stories we highlighted on Yahoo! Small Business Advisor included a couple of stories about the recent fuss around daily deals and coupons. We take a look at some of the affected businesses and suggest a list of ten tips for working with daily deals and coupons. Another po


pular article from Yahoo! Small Business Advisor looked at one of the real secrets to success in life.

If you haven't taken the plunge yet, hopefully some of these articles give you the impetus to start your own business — and if you do, we have tools to help. Besides our domain name, web hosting and ecommerce products, we also have just added an innovative marketing dashboard that you can try for free even if you don't use our other products.

We've also got our usual roundup of other good small business content from around the web.

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Have a great week, watch the bottom line and let us know in the comments if any of this was especially useful or if you have any advice you'd like to share.