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Month: October 2012

One Question Every Manager Should Ask Employees

Employees go to work with the intention of doing a good job but managers are often the reason they don’t. We sometimes put employees in situations where they don’t have the resources to perform well and they become frustrated when they are not given the necessary tools and training to complete job assignments. Successful managers […]

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5 Social Media Management Tips

Time is a commodity that always seems to be in limited supply. Add the concept of social media marketing to a small business owner’s already busy week, and it’s easy to see why so many become overwhelmed to the point of paralysis. Just like so many of the items on your list, setting up systems and developing a process for social media can actually allow you to manage your time better and get solid business results from your efforts. 

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Socially networked small businesses help customers navigate storm

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, power was cut to every resident in the Connecticut village of Easton, where more than 100 trees had fallen on utility wires. Even most of those with generators to power their homes couldn’t get TV news or listen to the reverse-911 calls placed by the town’s first selectman. Throughout […]

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Mood of the Nation: Business owner spending less

On the eve of the 2012 elections, The Associated Press interviewed dozens of Americans to try to gauge the economic mood of the nation. People were asked about jobs, housing, gas prices, retirement and other issues. Among them was Hilda Mitrani, 51, of North Miami Beach, Fla. The Great Recession and slow economic recovery have devastated her public relations and marketing business. But Mitrani says positive signs are emerging.

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