Love is universal.

That concept of ubiquitous emotion, as capitalized on by retailer Louis Vuitton’s Twitter campaign, seems to make luxury items more relatable. In promotion of their women’s Mini Mon Amor handbag collection and men’s accessories, the French high-fashion brand is tweeting love poems – to and from their products.

This unique marketing strategy brings playfulness to a sophisticated brand. By thinking outside the box and giving their products personas, Louis Vuitton is altering the way retailers advertise on social media. Their featured items include: bags, watches, wallets, phone cases and more.

With over 528,875 followers on Twitter, Louis Vuitton has an impressive audience for their foray into the 140-character literary world. They are using the hashtags #MiniMonAmour, #GallantLove and #LVLove throughout the campaign, which will last most of February.

Louis Vuitton: A Luxurious Love Story image lv tweetLouis Vuitton: A Luxurious Love Story

Although there are countless ways to create and implement an effective Twitter campaign, the following are three aspects of Louis Vuitton’s noteworthy approach that you can apply to your own strategy:

Be creative: “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” – Edwin Land. Just because something has never been done before, doesn’t mean it won’t be a success. Social media sites such as Twitter open many doors for marketers to experiment with content – and less financial pressure means more room for new ideas.

Be Timely: Louis Vuitton knew the best month to promote a poetic affair between their luxurious products would be the month of love. Relevance is especially important on Twitter, because many users turn to it for news and trends. Hashtags indicate the current popular conversations, and what is of interest to users one month will differ from the next. Although you may not be able to tie your products or services into every current event, pick a few to get involved in.

Make it Visual: Of course the fashion brand is highly focused on imagery – that’s what draws in their potential customers. Louis Vuitton attaches an image in nearly every tweet. All social networks, however, are witnessing higher engagement levels on photos – so you should try to incorporate them regardless of your product/service type.

Louis Vuitton is also promoting their new handbag collection through a 90-second video: “Small is Beautiful.” The scenes of stylish women carrying the bags throughout spring in Paris are being shared on their social channels. They demonstrate the importance of cross-promotion on various networks in digital marketing.

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