When we think about big business, huge profits may immediately come to mind. While major companies such as Google, Intel, and Johnson & Johnson are thriving financially, they also have a soft, human side to them.

Google offers its employees 15-25 days of paid vacation and five full months of maternity leave—with full pay. They also promote flexible work hours where employees are encouraged to work from home and have family friendly schedules. Google even encourages employees to use 20 percent of their paid work time volunteering, going to an organized on-campus event, or doing other activities “outside their core duties.” The company launched AllforGood.com to connect people to volunteer opportunities.

Intel also has a human side—the chip maker offers its employees 15-20 days of paid vacation as well as 14 fitness centers with exercise classes and on-site spas that provide haircuts, facials, and therapeutic massages. The company rewards loyalty as evidenced by the fact that it provides employees a two month sabbatical every seven years. The Intel Teach Program has trained teachers in 13 countries in Asia Pacific region and benefited more than 2.63 million teachers.

Johnson & Johnson is extremely generous—the company provides its employees 30 full days of paid vacation time per year along with free resiliency training. Over the past three years, Johnson & Johnson has provided 2.9 million units of medicine to half a million U.S. patients. The company is partnered with AmeriCares, which donated more than $145,000  in Johnson & Johnson products to Sandy victims as well as hygiene kits to survivors within just days after the storm.

To learn more about the human side of these companies, check out the infographic below.

Exploring the Human Side of Business [Infographic] image more than money3Exploring the Human Side of Business [Infographic]
Image compliments of Best Business Schools

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