Innovations such as DesignYourDorm have already harnessed computer graphics to simulate potential interior design ideas. Now Decolabs is enabling homeowners to overlay furniture items onto images of their actual rooms, before gaining approval from the community and purchasing the products.

Those downloading the free iPad app first take pictures of the room they would like to decorate, then browse the e-catalog for products. Using augmented reality, users can then rotate and place items as they see fit within the space. Decolabs offers markers that can be printed off and placed in the room to enable real-time virtualization. Finished designs can then be uploaded and shared with the Decolabs community, who can offer feedback and suggestions for the space. If users are happy with their selection and approval from like-minded peers, they can go ahead and order the products through the app.

Decolabs uses technology to enable homeowners to fairly accurately visualize how their interior design plans will look before making a large investment, while also connecting with others to gain feedback and offer their own. Could this be picked up by mainstream homeware retailers?

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