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Month: March 2013

Salespeople Working Remotely: Yes or No?

The Two Sides of the “Remote Working” Debate: With Yahoo’s decision to require all employees that were previously free to work from home or on a flexible schedule to be in the office between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM, you have surely seen the reaction across all platforms. (If you haven’t, we…

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The Most Important Features of a Mobile-friendly Website

With mobile traffic making up 10% of all Internet use the world over (2012 figures), it is becoming increasingly important to understand how mobile users interact with website from smaller devices and craft mobile experiences accordingly. Demandforce has pieced together a valuable chart of data on consumers’ most important mobile optimization factors depending on the type…

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What One Skill Do All Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed?

Question: What is the #1 skill an entrepreneur must possess to succeed? Question by: Ashley Perseverance “Cash will run low, clients won’t close, team members will leave, the product will have bugs, and the roof will fall on your head. There will be times when you seriously consider quitting. I’ve been there. But perseverance and…

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