Crushing It with YouTube Traffic image Crushing It with YouTube Traffic5Crushing It with YouTube Traffic

Have you ever wanted to get so much traffic from YouTube that you just didn’t care about the traffic that you get from Google, Yahoo and all the other search engines? If so, then I am going to share a few secrets with you to help you get that amount of traffic.

Most internet marketers believe that Google is the best search engine out there and they are right. However, what happens when Google decides to make another algorithm change and completely screws you over? What happens is that you will lose your traffic and end up wishing that you didn’t put all your eggs into once basket.

Just so you know – YouTube is the second largest search engine, which means you will still get a lot of traffic. So, are you ready to learn some secrets on how you can crush it with YouTube traffic?

Let’s get started.

How To Crush It With YouTube Traffic

  • Create Videos Within A Niche – There are millions of YouTube accounts out there and a lot of these accounts have videos on them, however, not all their videos are geared towards the same niche. It is because of this that I want to explain to you why having a bunch of videos within the same niche is a very important factor. The thing that you need to understand is the more videos you have within one niche, the more your other videos are going to be displayed once somebody watches one of them. Now, if you have a video on internet marketing and another one on camping in Maine, then you won’t get as much people seeing your other videos as they don’t pertain to the first one. Do you see what I mean now?
  • Use Celebrity Names In Titles – Did you know that some of the most watched videos on YouTube have a celebrity name in the title? For example, as an internet marketer you could create a video with the title – How Bill Gates Uses Internet Marketing to Reach New Customers.

The reason why this strategy works is because anybody typing in, “Bill Gates marketing” and “Bill Gates Customers” will be shown your video. Now, it will take some time to get your video into the top page but once it is there you will see just how much traffic it can get.

  • Ask Viewers To Subscribe – This is not much of a secret, however, most people don’t do it. If you are talking in your video, then ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. If you are showing a slideshow or something of that nature, then add a text box into the video where the viewer can actually subscribe without leaving your page. Trust me, it doesn’t take much to ask and the results of this are remarkable.
  • Always Include Your Link – Now, in order to get traffic to your site you can do all the things mentioned before but without your link those viewers will never click through to your site. It is because of this that including your link in the videos description is a must. I know that you might put your websites URL in the video and possibly even talk about who you are, however, without an actual clickable link the amount of traffic going to your site from those videos will be greatly reduced.

These three tips are all you need to know when it comes to getting a lot of YouTube traffic. Most people assume that the better the videos are the more views they will get but that is not always the case. The most important factor in getting a lot of YouTube traffic is to create lots of informative videos and always include your websites link.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to get some traffic but it will require a good amount of work to crush it with YouTube traffic. Just remember; never put all your eggs (metaphorically) into one basket.

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