Mobile Apps for College Students image college student 300x199Mobile Apps for College Students

Despite being a luxury before, more and more students are now using smartphones to keep up with education and technology. Since the introduction of apps in the marketplace, the apps are now going to the education sector. Many college students take advantage of these apps to have simple methods that will increase productivity and enhance the quality of their education. Mobile device usage will expand more and more as more students see the potential of their smartphones to make their education easier.

Here are some apps that help students take notes, read materials and review for examinations.


This app is a note-taking app. It helps students with typing, recording and organizing notes. It features a handwriting integration, PDF annotation, word processor, and audio recording. Students can also insert images into the text.


This app is a free app for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. It features a flashcard study system. Students can use this app to prepare for tests. They can use pre-made flashcards or just make their own. It is very interactive and focuses on the weak areas of the users.


Evernote is cloud-based so users would not have to worry about storage. As a note system, it saves articles, web pages and URLs and puts them into categorized folders. Students can take notes using this app and turn them into review sheets. This app also features the iPad Smart Cover system, in which lifting the cover reveals the answer to the questions a student is reviewing. This is the first app to use Apple’s Smart Cover technology.

Graphing Calculator

This app provides students with a scientific calculator on their smartphones. It features a keyboard, a very user-friendly functionality, screen-shot and e-mailing functions, and external display options.


This app is a multimedia note-taking app. It records lessons, either through audio, text or video. It can also help students to schedule their classes and everyday tasks. It also updates students with deadlines on their homework. Students can also print and share their notes using this app.

Class Buddy

This app creates schedules for courses, semesters, and events like quizzes, examinations, and presentations. It can also record grades. It features a customizable home screen widget. It can also manage expenses.

Wi-Fi Finder

Students nowadays need to stay connected to the Internet. This app lets students leave the university and look for hotspots good for studying.


This app is a search engine that students can use to buy or rent textbooks for cheap prices online. All they need to do is to look for the store with the best offers and deals. Students may also sell their books using this app.


This is a great financial management app. A free app, it lets students manage their expenses and track charges. This app helps students to stay on track with their bills and payments. Moreover, its platform is very easy to use.

Now that technology lets college students have the world at their fingertips, they now have access to apps that can assist them, from alarms to textbook finders. Mobile technology has really developed educational life and has given students more chances to improve.

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