You gotta love it! This whole SEO game that goes on: none of us EVER want our own personal searches to return a bunch of falsely inflated sites that really have little to do with our search, and virtually zero potential for Google Nails Another Link Network image google penalizes a link network 271x300Google Nails Another Link Networkanswering our questions. We would all scream in anger, and then quickly abandon the search engines if all we got was junk like that! So why do we react when Google penalizes a link network? Why are there SEO techs out there still building those link networks and setting up their clients for the inevitable penalty? Well, actually it’s not a mystery; the question is easily answered: the SEO black hats are doing this because they know that Google is simply unable to locate all of the gamers out there.

Looks like Google smelled a rat

There’s a group in Russia (well, the actual fact of ‘who got penalized’ is probably impossible to determine, but there are HINTS that it was a group in Russia called SAPE) that attracted Google’s attention, and ended up suffering the consequences. Once they start poking around, the humans at Google can sift through the flagged links, and pretty easily figure out if the links are artificial or organic. In this case, things didn’t go too well for the link network.

Google Penalizes a Link Network

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this, and it certainly won’t be the last. But as I’ve said before, it’s just not worth it to build a strategy around gaming Google. It takes too much work, and doesn’t produce results that last. Why not create high quality content and attract natural links by connecting with the audience that actually values what you’re producing?

C’mon guys, quit giving SEO a bad name, and start focusing more on doing high quality content marketing and genuine social engagement.

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