5 Tips for Marketing Your Mobile App, Increasing Downloads image mobileapp5 Tips for Marketing Your Mobile App, Increasing DownloadsFrom apps that tell you when your parking meter is up to apps that track menstrual cycles, the saying “there’s an app for that” has never rung more true. But with thousands of applications for consumers to choose from, it can be a difficult task getting yours the exposure it deserves. The following tips will help you market your mobile app to increase the number of downloads and users.

Be innovative. Nothing gets more buzz than people sharing the “coolest application ever” with their friends. Creating a unique app that offers something no one else does will make you stand out in the App Store. How does one go about developing an innovative app? If you can confidently say that your app doesn’t yet exist in the App Store, you’ve hit the jackpot. Take advantage of a smartphone’s existing features such as the GPS and camera for ultimate functionality.

Build relationships with bloggers and podcasters. If you’ve followed tip #1, you’re well on your way to getting free media exposure. Review blogs and tech centric podcasts love innovative apps, and with the rise of such platforms hitting its peak, it’s a good idea to target bloggers and podcasters. Once you’re on one blog or podcast, other bloggers and podcasters are sure to want a piece of the action.

Use social media. With millions of users, Twitter is a social media site that can make your app a huge success. Word of mouth is a great way to give your app some exposure, and Twitter is the perfect platform to get the job done. If you’ve already made your app as unique as possible, you’re on the right track. People will tweet about it just for the fact that it’s so innovative. To make your app tweetable, make sure your copy is informative yet interesting.  Also, don’t shy away from promoted tweets and sponsored stories on Facebook.  The money spent on these paid promotions will be worth every penny.

Tell your fan base. If you’re about to launch a new app, get your existing fan base excited. Make a ‘Coming Soon’ page on your website, include the app in your newsletters, and connect on your social media pages. Getting people hyped about your new app will make the big launch attractive.

Market through your website. Your app and website go hand in hand, so make sure your website is thorough yet simple. Your website is a great place to show how your app works in action. Make it clear how users will benefit from your app.

If you have a unique app idea and want to receive maximum exposure, follow the tips above. Make your messaging clear and interesting and you’re sure to gain new users for your mobile application.

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