Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to venture into online retail? Starting an online shop is good way to get started in the retail business. It does not require the same amount of capital and manpower that you would need if you’re starting a brick and mortar shop. Increase your chances for success in online retail by following these tips for starting an online shop.

Tips for Starting an Online Shop image Starting a Successful Online Shop 300x194Tips for Starting an Online Shop

Where to Sell Online

You don’t necessarily need to have your own e-commerce website to market your goods on the internet. There are sites that can accommodate you and serve as your venue to find customers and sell your goods online. EBay, Etsy and Amazon are just three of the sites where you can sell your goods online.

Do you have a Facebook account? Many entrepreneurs are already tapping the power of social networking sites to market and sell their goods on the internet. You can use your Facebook account and other social networking accounts to post photos of the products that you sell. Your first customers will likely be your friends, family or followers who see the photos of your goods for sale on your wall or updates. You can also set up a new Facebook page that is dedicated to your online retail business. The platform used by Pinterest makes it an ideal place to share and showcase custom-made products, such as personalized invitation cards, wedding cakes and dresses. You may want to use this site to share product pictures if you’re selling beautiful hand-made products that focus on aesthetics.

While there may be plenty of venues for you to sell your products on the internet, you may also want to consider setting up your very own e-commerce website. Having your own website is ideal if you want to have total control over your postings and want your online business to have the ability to process orders and accept payments straight from your website. Setting up an e-commerce website is best if you have merchandise on stock and enough inventory of the products that you are already selling or plan to sell.

Your Credibility as a Seller

Establishing your credibility as a vendor is important since you need to gain your customer’s trust before they purchase wares from you. You can boost your credibility by selling quality products and offering excellent customer service to the people who had enough faith to transact with you. This can prompt them to leave you good feedback. They can also recommend you to their friends who might be interested in purchasing some of the products that you sell.  You can post testimonials of your customers in your e-commerce website as proof that you provide great products and services.

Communicating with Your Customers

You should consider providing your email address or your business VoIP number in your listings so your customers can easily contact you to ask relevant questions about your item before they place their orders. It also helps if you answer their queries promptly. Try to include all the necessary details about the products in your advertisements so people don’t have to contact you to know the most basic information about your merchandise. Try to use clear product images and include information such as size, color and special features of the products that you sell.

Hassle-free Transactions

Make it easier for your customers to complete their transactions with you. Offer your customers convenient payment options so paying for their goods is fast and hassle-free. Many online shoppers prefer to pay for their orders using their credit cards. You may want to sign up for an account at any of the following online payment processors: PayPal, Dwolla, Braintree, Stripe and Google Checkout.

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