What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords have been derived from the power law graph, which basically shows that the long tail is the larger number of occurences that are far from the “head” of the entire graph (See image). It was popularized by Chris Anderson in October 2004, when he mentioned big brand names using long tail keywords in their business strategies.

As a website owner, internet marketer, or if you’re a person who wants to get more traffic from the search engines, then long tail keyword research should be part of your overall internet marketing strategy.



A quick example of what long tail keywords are:


How To Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO image How to Find Long Tail Keywords13How To Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO

Notice that these phrases have at least 3 keywords in it. These long tailed terms may have less search volumes, but they are more likely to convert since it’s more targeted. And conversions are important for you and your business. You can have the same amount of traffic but double your sales, by simply doubling your conversions. I’ll be creating lots of video tutorials and case studies on conversions at my main blog trafficsalad, but if in case you are wondering if a site redesign can increase conversions and user engagement, please watch this video.

When to Use Long Tail Keywords?

Use it a lot, about 80-90% of the time. Especially if you have a new website (less than 1 year old) If you are targeting keywords with more competition and higher search volumes, you’ll have a hard time ranking to the top of the search engines. That’s why it’s important to go after the lower  hanging fruits, the long tail keywords.

They will have less search volumes, but they will also have lesser competition in the search engines. Usually, you’ll find out that in just 1 or 2 months you’re already ranking in the first page of the search results for these long-tailed keywords.

How to use Long Tail Keywords

There are many uses for long tail keywords. But the most obvious reasons includes:

1. Targeting the Long Tail Keyword for SEO. Which means that you need to create content that is optimized for that long tail keyword. Just like in this article. The long tail keyword is “how to find long tail keywords”, so I’ve created an entire post and video, just to target these keywords.

2. Use them on your PPC campaigns. If you use Long tailed keywords in your Pay per click campaigns they will usually have lower costs per clicks and higher conversion rates. The only problem is that they will also have less search volumes, so traffic to your websites will be limited.

3. Combine multiple Long Tail keywords into a single blog posts or use multiple long tail keywords in your PPC campaigns.


How to Find Long Tail Keywords Using Market Samurai

The big challenge now is how do you find these keywords. You can use tools like Google keyword tool, but my favorite is Market Samurai

Here are the steps in Finding these long-tailed phrases:

Step 1. Open Market Samurai

Step 2. Choose a Seed Keyword (Usually only 1 to 2 words)

Step 3. Enter your Adwords Details if you haven’t done it yet (This will help you get more results *800 keywords rather than 100)

Step 4. Change the Minimum Words Slider to 3

Step 5. Click on the Generate button. Wait for results (usually after a few minutes)

Step 6. Analyze keywords based on metrics that you are looking for.

Step 7. Rinse and Repeat

If you prefer to watch it in FULL HDS video, you can watch this video.

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