Samsung GS IV image Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung GS IVIf your enterprise has jumped on board with mobile networking, chances are your IT team is keeping track of the release of the Samsung GS IV. The previous version beat out the competition as far as smart phones go, and promises to offer numerous beneficial features. This is, in fact, the company’s first launch to be held in the United States, at an event held in New York City on March 14. A company spokesman had said this was because the requests for a new device had come primarily from the U.S.

Samsung, based in Korea, had always held its product launches overseas, but chose to have this one at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The event was also streamed live online, via Samsung Mobile’s page on YouTube, so the whole thing was easily accessed by anyone wanting to witness this historical event. If you’re team was working late and had the time, chances are they were watching the news unfold from the office. The company also produced a lot of hype prior to the event – from holding it blocks from Apple’s flagship store to organizing flash mobs and releasing teaser trailers.

What Is the Samsung GS IV All About?

The new smart phone looks much like its predecessor, but your enterprise might be looking into what features will be good for productivity. There is much speculation it will run on the Android 4.2.2 platform and feature a quad-core 1.8 GHz processor. A five inch, HD display will make it one of the largest mobile smart phone devices. It therefore appeals to large businesses with a need for greater visibility.

Other Features:

  • Smart Scroll – The innovative smart scroll feature is one of the most anticipated ones of the device. As you read the screen, the front camera tracks where you are looking and automatically scrolls the page. In addition, rotation, pause, and “Smart Stay” a feature that checks if one is looking at the screen, will be included. While this can dim the display or pause video, saving battery power, the other features could all contribute to productivity. Eliminating the need to scroll the screen manually may save a few seconds here and there. In today’s fast paced business world, this can add up.
  • Touchwiz – The Samsung GS IV is designed to register finger motion from up to two centimeters away from the device. Swiping is made simple and the on-screen widgets and applications can be accessed with ease. The device also has Air Gestures; swiping can be done without touching the screen, or calls can be made without making contact.
  • Updated Interface – There are fewer icons on the main screen, but the essentials are there. A notifications bar leads to additional items to control various features. The settings menu has four sections dividing up connections, settings, social network accounts, and more to simplify operation.

An updated video hub, streaming to and from devices, and mirroring, which lets you show the screen contents on a larger display, are part of the long list of features for media. As such, the Samsung GS IV has much to offer for your enterprise by combining mobility with multimedia functionality.

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