10 Crucial Lessons to Learn From Warren Buffet image warren buffet image10 Crucial Lessons to Learn From Warren Buffet

Some prefer to call him the Oracle of Omaha while others prefer to call him simply Buffet. But among all these, one thing is for sure. Everybody in the world who knows him appreciates the fact that Warren Buffet is the best money-maker in the world. He is simply amazing when it comes to investing. Nobody in the world and in our time has done it better than warren. With this being the case, i believe its important to look at some of the things that people should learn about him. But before I do so, it is important to note that I am one of the people who have followed Warren’s career for  years. I first heard about him when I was 8 years old but the true manifestation of his success dawned on me 10 years later.

Lesson number one: Keep it Simple

Warren is one of the simplest people in the world. A first look at his office will show that many of the so called millionaires (Diddy comes to mind) have much fancy and sophistacated offices. For starters, Warren, who is currently the third richest person in the world, has stayed in his old fashioned office for the last 50 years. The office is located at an old building in Omaha. This is despite the fact that he manages a wealth whose conservative estimates put at $50 billion. He has 20 employees and never had a computer in his office ever. To make matters worse, Warren lives in an old house which he bought in the 50s for only $53,000. Compare all this to the fancy lifestyle of billionaires who are worth less than that such as the don himself (Donald Trump).

Lesson number two: Loyalty is Key in business

Warren is one person who believes in loyalty. Over the past 60 years, Warren has kept his senior analyst and Charlie Munger who they have together designed useful methods of studying the market. In addition, warren has retained most of his employees who regard him simply as their father. However, Warren believes that loyalty is double sided. For example, when her step grand daughter appeared in a series directed by Johnson junior (heir to Johnson and Johnson), Wrren wrote her a letter disowning her.  In the series, the grand daughter actually criticized Warren. That was a tough lesson to teach a poor grand daughter but at the end the point was made.

Lesson number three: Realize your strengths and weaknesses

Over the years, one thing I have learnt from Warren is to realize my weaknesses and strengths. Back in the days when i was working for promo code 4 share, I realized that I was not all that good in marketing. For this reason,I quit my job and went for college to study marketing. Years later, I started my  company BrandMac . This is a real testament that it is always good to realize one’s strengths and weaknesses. Back to my friend Warren. Over the years, Warren has recognized that he is so good at making money but not good at giving it away. When it comes to giving, he contacted his friend Bill Gates who is good at making and giving away money. To date, Warren has promised to give all his life earnings to philanthropic causes.

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