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Month: April 2013

Is Your Customer Loyalty Program Following the Trend?

American Express performed a survey, where results discovered “seven in ten Americans (70%) are willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service.” Many companies use Customer Loyalty Programs as a way to cater to their best customers, and to offer new customers a reason to come back….

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What to do while waiting for equity crowdfunding to come

This time last year, the business press was abuzz with equity-based crowdfunding fanfare. Yahoo! Small Business was no exception. According to the JOBS Act, the SEC was to have established rules by January of this year to make it possible for small businesses and startups to use social media and friends-and-family networks to raise investment […]

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Fujitsu Develops Amazing Touchscreen Paper

Touchscreen interfaces and gesture control input devices are shaping the way we interact with information and media in general. Various technology companies have tinkered with the idea of reusable electronic paper, which is essentially a flexible touchscreen that emulates the traditional feel of a newspaper. Japanese technology giant Fujitsu is expanding the concept by actually…

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