5 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic image increase website traffic 300x1995 Easy Ways to Increase Website TrafficFor as long as there has been online commerce, business owners have sought ways to increase website traffic—believing, and rightfully so, that more traffic will mean more conversions. When it comes to the down-and-dirty work of website optimization, however, many business owners have a hard time determining the best ways to move forward. With that said, there are a few easy, cost-effective, and battle-tested strategies that will deliver results as you seek to increase website traffic, and to turn your website into a 24/7 sales machine; consider the five techniques offered below.

Do Some Keyword Research

Back in the day, online marketers used to cram their websites full of keywords, to the point where the actual copy was all but unreadable. Google has sought to discourage this practice through a series of penalties and algorithmic refreshes, and as such, the old practice of keyword-stuffing is no longer recommended for those looking to increase website traffic. With that said, the announcements that keywording is dead are somewhat premature, and indeed, keyword research is still an important way to help lead people to your site.

Start by doing some basic keyword research, using a free tool like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Seek out keywords that are related to your industry, and that generate 1000 or even 2000 locals search queries per month; at the same time, make sure the keywords you are listed are not overly competitive. (You will likely not be able to rank well for the term “Nebraska doctors,” for example, just because the term is so competitive; “best Omaha pain relief” or “podiatrist in Nebraska” may prove more realistic.) Once your keywords are selected, use them in your online content naturally and organically—wherever they make sense and do not feel “forced.”

Create Some Backlinks

Another important way to increase website traffic is to accumulate backlinks. Here again, we note that past abuses have led to some sharp Google penalties. Buying links no longer works, and neither does accumulating links through cheap articles posted to online “content farms.”

So how can a business owner seek to build solid backlinks? Reach out to any local business directories and make sure you are listed there. This might include BBB websites, industry-specific sites, and perhaps even the website of a local newspaper. Getting links from any local business directories will add authority—and search engine clout—to your site, and help you bring in more traffic.

Start a Business Blog

Business blogs are also great tools for boosting traffic, especially if the blog is housed at the same domain as your main, corporate website. Of course, maintaining a blog will take a regular commitment of time—but the benefits are incredible! A blog provides you with regular content updates, with more search engine fodder, and with more content to share on your social media pages—all of which can help you drive leads to your site!

Encourage Social Media Sharing

Speaking of social sharing, providing regular links back to your website or blog is a great way to increase traffic. Additionally, you can empower your website visitors to help you in your social sharing. This is a simple matter of including social share buttons on every page of your website. The benefits of social sharing are numerous: Not only does it build social media buzz for your brand, but social media cues can also help your website to become more visible in the search engines.

Send Out a Press Release

Finally, take advantage of any new developments or achievements at your company—whether it’s a record-breaking sales month, a new hire, a new product launch, or just about anything else. Announce it in a press release, and distribute it through an online press release syndicate. It will be a small investment of time and money to craft and launch the release, but in the end, this is a great way of drawing attention—and traffic—to your site!

The bottom line for business owners is that anything you can do to increase website traffic is surely going to prove advantageous—and the strategies listed herein are not only easy, but they are effective, as well.

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