Some years ago, it was the ability to communicate with people from across the world real-time, transcending geographies and time zones, that got people talking. Not just talking, but animatedly talking. Nowadays, it’s the ever-growing popularity of mobile devices that’s taking center stage.

With more and more people using their mobile phones almost every waking hour to check their social media feeds, read the news, watch TV shows they probably wouldn’t want their friends to see them watching, among other things, it’s no wonder a Citrix survey shows that the relationship between man and machine is so far-reaching that it oftentimes trumps relationships with families. A lot of people nowadays treat their phones as their new best friends.

Mobile Phone: Man’s New Best Friend? image chihuahua phoneMobile Phone: Man’s New Best Friend?

If you’re a dog lover, like I am, you probably see that as unfortunate, our breathing, barking dogs being replaced by talking but definitely not breathing mobile phones. Still, some things are too obvious to ignore, right?

Dogs vs. mobile phones … like, seriously?

However, since I’m more likely to favor dogs in this “ultimate man’s best friend” sort of a contest (that I alone came up with), let me give you four reasons why I think the mobile phone isn’t replacing the dog as man’s best friend any time soon:

  1. The mobile phone needs a third-party gadget, like a Bluetooth-powered micro earpiece for example, to allow you to send secret messages. If you know your dog enough, every quirk of its face is most likely a secret code you can easily decipher.
  2. The mobile phone needs reinforcement in the form of a 3G booster in areas where 3G signal isn’t at its best. And wouldn’t you be likely to throw your phone out the window if you can’t make a proper call with it, especially in a critical situation? Would you easily throw your dog out the window whenever frustration strikes? If anything, your dog is likely to help you get over the frustration.
  3. The mobile phone doesn’t patiently wait at a train station for your return after your death, or attend mass at the church its dead owner used to frequent. Plus, the likelihood of your phone being returned to you when lost is slim, and your important data may even be compromised. While not all dogs are the same, the brand of loyalty a dog exhibits is, at the very least, humbling.
  4. The mobile phone cannot be used in the therapy of Alzheimer’s disease. As well, it may not be adequate to comfort the terminally ill in clinical settings.

My verdict 

If you think it’s outlandish, or even sacrilegious, to compare an inanimate object with the still undisputed man’s best friend, we’re thinking exactly the same thing. While the mobile phone has a ton of uses, it never will compare to what a cuddly little dog can do to man’s overall well-being.

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein

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