Usury of a Different Kind image Usury Blog Post Graphic e1364873569879Usury Blog Post GraphicThere’s a new model showing up on the Internet that I find extremely disturbing and I want to “out” it right now. Usury is usually defined as the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans, typically because of extraordinarily high – e.g., usurious – interest rates. But I am seeing a new model of operation for many organizations that, while it doesn’t have anything to do with loans, has a lot to do with practices that I find bordering on the unethical or immoral.

These so-called “service providers” will give you a platform, an outlet, a website with tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions of “subscribers” who are hungry for your content. They’ve set up sophisticated systems that you’d be a fool to try to duplicate. But they can take your content, for a fee, and feed it to their audience, thereby giving you “tremendous exposure” and some clicks back to your blog or website.

Then they take their “content rich” outlet and sell the huge number of clicks that it’s going to generate because of the richness of the content that you paid them to publish to a bunch of advertisers who may also someday see a few clicks, and maybe even some purchases, from the Internet public. Unethical? I don’t know. Immoral? I don’t know. Fair? I don’t think so. But maybe that’s just because I just wish I’d thought of it first?

The people offering these schemes will teach you how to become rich and live in a tropical paradise if you only buy their lessons on how to do what they’ve done (which is to sell lessons to gullible people searching for outlets for their content without doing the work that it takes to make that happen) and continue to supply them with “free” content – content free to them but for which you must expend your valuable time and energy!

There are variations on this theme. For only $xxx you can become an “exclusive” or “featured” content supplier. Or you can be a “host” for an Internet-based radio or TV show. With access to the tools that will let you reach your desired audience (as if you couldn’t do it with a Google hangout or some other free or low-cost mechanism). You’re going to be a STAR! You’re going to outshine any competition that might be out there! You’re going to become rich and famous overnight! Be a winner with no work on your part! You don’t want to stay in the loser category of people who haven’t accepted this foolproof offer yet, do you?

Damn! I wish I’d thought of this myself a while ago. But wait! Maybe it’s not too late! Send me your content, dear reader, along with some money. I’ll post it on my blog instead of having to write these things myself. And if your stuff really takes off, I’ll reap some really cool profits. Don’t wait! This offer will expire very soon!

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