For those of you just starting out as a small business it is essential to create an effective Internet Marketing Business Plan.

A plan to succeed:

Set Goals for your next 12 months

Plan your month to month, weekly and daily actions to reach goals

Below is a 12 month guide suggested if you are just starting out and want to focus on your website internet marketing plan:

1. Month One. Research and study potential niche markets. Find the problems and what is not being fulfilled in the market place. Figure out what the market’s hot buttons are.

2. Month Two. Decide on a product. Create a web site and work through the sales letter and begin to put together an email list to contact.

3. Month Three. Create your first product and sell to your prospects. Set a sales goal in mind for pushing product to market. Expect to earn $400 net profit as a goal.

4. Month Four. Test “PPC” pay per click advertising and online advertising options aggressively for your new product. Increase the conversion rates with a different headline, pricing and bonus structure. Expect to earn $500 net profit as a goal.

5. Month Five. Start an affiliate program. Create banner ads, classified ads and endorsements online. Partner with affiliates to promote your launch program. Earn an expected goal of $1,000 net profit.

6. Month Six. Spend an extensive month’s time looking for expert writers, publishers and affiliates for your product. Offer increased commissions to be part of your program. Earn at least $2,000 min. for your endoresements.

7. Month Seven. Search for top affiliates and make bigger deals towards a goal of advertising in larger publications. Earn $4,000 month profits.

8. Month Eight. Start working on your product through making improvements. By this month, you should have received feedback on your product through emails and problems your customer base has been coming up against. Use this material for your second product. Continue to earn $4,000 net profit from your first product.

9. Month Nine. Keep on with promotions of product. Look to partner with and find new affiliates. Complete your new product and sales piece. Your goal should be able to earn the same income of $4,000 net profit.

10. Month Ten. Continue to offer the improved product to your prospect and customer list. Send out emails to your affiliates to promote your product.

11. Month Eleven. Prepare an email follow up list and system structured around your product. Start testing more advanced forms of marketing such as increase ppc, banner ads, co-registration. Your goal should be profit to $6,000 in income.

12. Month Twelve. Continue and build stronger structure through proven tested advertising methods of ppc, search engines, motivation of your affiliates. Profit goals of $100,000 for month 12.

Creating strong structure, breaking your plan down into daily tasks. You will accomplish your goals twice as much when you have your plans written down on a daily basis. Break your goals down into specific tasks. Goals are achieved by breaking them down into smaller monthly, weekly and daily tasks. This is a practical success plan. This is plan created is a structure around promoting and marketing your start up product. If the product is so good and fantastic revenue amounts should end up earning $30-$50k per month it is released. This would happen because the market has a demand that has not been satisfied and the offering targets your consumer with your sales pitch and product.

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