If you own an iPhone or any smartphone with a decent camera, you have probably heard of Instagram. In fact, you could be one of the thousands, if not millions of people around the world snapping away using the Instagram app on your phone. And why wouldn’t you? Instagram is hands-down one of the coolest photo apps for smartphones and allows you to create interesting, retro-styled snaps in a matter of seconds.

You can do more than just take photos with it, however. There are numerous options for printing Instagram photos so you can do more than just display your shots on your phone. I’ve put together my three current favorite ways to print Instagram photos and the fun ways to display them.

1. Printing Instagram Photos Using a Printer at Home

A regular printer is a cheap and easy way to print your photos at home. You can print multiple photos in one sheet of photo paper and cut them out yourself. Sizing and arranging the photos on the paper may be a little bit tricky at first, but after one try, printing the other pages will be a breeze.

Funky Ways to Print Instagram Photos image Instagram TwineFunky Ways to Print Instagram Photos

So how many display options are there when you print like this? Well how long is a piece of string really (sorry, couldn’t resist). Why not hang the photos on a piece of twine and attach each photo using wooden clips. You could also glue the photos onto a photo board and create an interesting contrast by pinning other items there such as small objects. You can also bind your printed photos into a booklet as a nice memento.

2. Printing Instagram Photos to Create Stickers

Print Instagram photos using online software to create your very own stickers. There are dozens of apps and online applications that you can use to print Instagram photos onto store bought sticker paper.

Funky Ways to Print Instagram Photos image Instagram Print1Funky Ways to Print Instagram Photos

Sizing options also vary. The great thing about creating Instagram stickers is that you can stick your photos anywhere. A great idea would be to size the photos so they fit regular-sized square magnets which you can use as Instagram fridge magnets. You can also use these stickers to decorate bland and boring coasters for a fun upgrade.

3. Printing Instagram Photo Posters

Printing your Instagram photos onto a poster is a great way to create fun and colorful Instagram posters online. If you want to create a poster of your Instagram shots which you can either frame or hang on your wall as a custom artwork, you can find several printers to do this for you online.

Funky Ways to Print Instagram Photos image Instagram PosterFunky Ways to Print Instagram Photos

Several websites currently exist that allow you to print Instagram photos. Prinstagr.am, CanvasPop and PosterCandy are three websites that currently allow you to easily login to their site, upload your Instagram images and create personalized artwork form them.

There are many fun little companies offering specialized Instagram poster printing allowing you to create personalized Instagram prints and posters made from your Instagram photos.

From large, movie-style posters to smaller prints that you can frame and place on your desktop. Instagram users now have another fun and innovative way to print Instagram photos in their home or office.

These are just three of the easy ways you can print and display your Instagram photos. Don’t limit yourself to just sharing your photos online or on your phone. With so many online applications being created for Instagram users, you have hundreds of ways to personalize, print and display your photos so everyone can enjoy them.

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