In many ways your Facebook Page acts as a website, why can’t both make you money? We know that e-commerce has significantly increased in popularity in the past decade. Anyone can make money online; you just ha6 Ways Your Facebook Page Can Make You Money image Facebook Money 300x1996 Ways Your Facebook Page Can Make You Moneyve to utilize the tools that are at your fingertips.


Inbound traffic to your website can lead to conversions. Facebook is one of the top site referrers on the internet. Potential customers who visit your Facebook Page will get transferred to your website where they can make a purchase.


Facebook is a great way to increase your brand’s exposure. Customers may not have heard of your company before, but with the help of Facebook will begin to recognize your brand.

Since before, they didn’t know you existed; now they know what you are all about and can go ahead and make a purchase.


With the ability to interact with potential customers you are generating buzz and interest in your company or current promotion. Grabbing the customer’s attention is the first step in any sales process.

Posting videos or pictures of your products are great ways to generate interest. Also with the ease of sharing content on Facebook these customers will act as messengers, spreading your message around to all of their contacts.

Market Research:

Every company needs qualitative and quantitative data before launching a new product. Facebook is the perfect place to do your market research. Test new product ideas and see how users react.

Also with the substantial demographic database Facebook developed, you will be able to narrow down your target market. Essentially you will be able to support your product launch with both market research and demographic supporting information.

Launching a product or line extension without the proper research can lead to lost capital. However, releasing a product that customers will love will result in significant profits.


It is every brand’s goal to transform its customers into brand evangelists. Facebook helps establish a reputation for your brand. It will assist in building customer loyalty which eventually will turn into more sales. Loyal customers stick with brands that they trust and Facebook can be your method of trust development.


With the plethora of technical devices we have at our disposal, reaching prospective customers across multiple media channels has never been easier. Since the internet has no business hours and access to Facebook is never restricted, the sales process never ends.

Facebook can be visited on a tablet, PC, and mobile device all at once. Be sure to plan accordingly so you take advantage of each device’s functions and capabilities.

Make money while you sleep! Who knew sleep was so profitable?

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