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Which businesses default on loans most? Surprising data

When it comes to borrowing money, Vidur Dhanda says small businesses are not as risky as the banks think they are, and he has two terabytes of data to prove it. A data-modeling expert and long-time financial industry consultant, Dhanda began three years ago aggregating data points on nearly all U.S. businesses. He licensed several […]

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5 Criteria For Choosing Business Cell Phones

The last several years has seen big changes in IT departments in businesses of all sizes. Gone are the days when all companies deployed standard issue Palm Treo or BlackBerry devices. These days, there has been a big push by employees to be able to use the latest and greatest devices including iOS, Android, and…

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How Nintendo Can Win E3

Is there really such a thing as ‘winning’ E3? There is the external victory of being the thing most talked about in the mass media, in the game media, and on social media. Those are really three different audiences: The broadest possible audience of anyone who sees, hears or reads news; the audience of gamers…

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5 Tools For Building A Small Business Website

We rate and review each of them based on the needs of Small Business Marketers; cost, ease-of-use, and overall functionality We all know how critical it is for businesses to have an online presence, especially small businesses. Websites are a great (and necessary) marketing medium for B2B and B2C businesses. Check out the graph on…

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Internet Artifacts: 7 Websites From the Days of Yore

Previously the Greatest Things Since Sliced Bread It’s amazing how technology has evolved over the past 20 years. From clunky desktop computers to sleek and inconspicuous smartphones, our devices have become faster, stronger, and better. So have the websites that we visit on a daily basis. Inspired by our past post on gone and almost…

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Philips Partners with Apple on Smart LED Bulb

This week, Philips introduced an intelligent LED light bulb that could transform the lighting and electronics industry.  The company calls its smart bulbs the Hue 1.1 which features several hi-tech features. The geofencing feature enables users to program Hue to change colors, as well as, turn on or off when the user arrives.  As stated…

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10 Archaic Website Features To Avoid Like The Plague

The web has seen quite a lot of change since the first site was launched in 1991 (that site belonged to CERN, and you can see the original here). Designs, navigation, content, programming language, responsive capabilities…everything has evolved, and evolved dramatically. Yet we all occasionally see sites that make us feel as though we’ve slipped…

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