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Category: Finance

Super-Fast Growing Mid-Cap Growth Stocks With Explosive Returns

Introduction It seems like I’ve been writing only about dividend growth stocks for what seems like forever.  Therefore, I felt it would be a refreshing change to alter my focus from dividend income to pure unadulterated growth.  Although I’m a major proponent of investing in dividend growth stocks, unlike many of my fellow dividend growth…

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U.S. Dollar to Become the Next Yen?

In its latest meeting minutes, the Federal Reserve said it will continue with quantitative easing, creating $85.0 billion in new money monthly, in order to bring economic growth to the U.S. economy. (Source: Federal Reserve, May 1, 2013.) The Federal Reserve, once again, didn’t provide any clear indication as to when it will end the…

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How Barbecue Charcoal Reveals the Truth About the U.S. Economy

In a rare miss for a consumer products business, The Clorox Company (NYSE/CLX) disappointed the stock market by reporting very flat first-quarter numbers. It’s more evidence that real economic growth continues to be elusive. The Clorox Company is a really good business. It’s way more than “Clorox Bleach:” it’s also “Pine-Sol,” “Liquid-Plumr,” “S.O.S.,” “Glad,” “Burt’s…

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Sell-Off in the Bond Market Imminent?

In its most recent statement, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) said it will continue to print $85.0 billion a month. With this money, it will buy $45.0 billion worth of long-term government debt and $40.0 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) each month. How long will it continue to do this? As the statement…

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Today’s Job Numbers: Proof U.S. Economy Is Not Recovering

This morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the “official” unemployment rate in the U.S. economy decreased to 7.5% in April. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 3, 2013.) While this may give politicians and the mainstream media another reason to brag about “economic growth” in the U.S. economy, this jobs market report…

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