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Outsourcing Has Turned Employees Into Project Managers

The Information Age has transformed every professional into a project manager regardless of the title they hold.  In an era of outsourcing, many professionals are also global project managers.  Earlier this year, BDO published a study showing that 63 percent of American tech companies plan to outsource or manufacture products outside of the United States,…

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4 U’s of Web Copywriting: Tips for Writing Great Headlines & Copy

If you’ve been writing for the web long, you’ve probably heard of the 4 U’s formula, which says that content should be Urgent, Unique, Useful, and Ultra-specific. Originally developed by business coach and serial entrepreneur Michael Masterson, this formula works wonders for headlines, titles, and email subject lines, but with a little tweaking, it can…

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6 Ways Your Facebook Page Can Make You Money

In many ways your Facebook Page acts as a website, why can’t both make you money? We know that e-commerce has significantly increased in popularity in the past decade. Anyone can make money online; you just have to utilize the tools that are at your fingertips. Traffic: Inbound traffic to your website can lead to conversions….

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Top 6 Social Media No-Nos to Avoid

Everyone makes mistakes, but committing a major social media no-no has the potential of hindering your business’s hared-earned reputation. A good rule of thumb is, “when in doubt, don’t.” But, if you’re wondering about specifics, here are the top 6 social media mistakes to avoid, especially in the wake of some serious social media faux…

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