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Which businesses default on loans most? Surprising data

When it comes to borrowing money, Vidur Dhanda says small businesses are not as risky as the banks think they are, and he has two terabytes of data to prove it. A data-modeling expert and long-time financial industry consultant, Dhanda began three years ago aggregating data points on nearly all U.S. businesses. He licensed several […]

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Would an Internet Sales Tax cost or win you customers?

If you buy or sell over the Internet, you likely have an opinion on The Marketplace Fairness Act. And if you’re like most Americans surveyed earlier this month, you don’t like it one bit. The proposed law, which passed the Senate 10 days ago and now awaits vote in the House, would permit states to […]

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Five Ways to Finance Your Startup

You’ve got an idea for something BIG. It’s original, exciting, and guaranteed to shake things up. So what’s holding you back? Funding. You don’t have it, and you know you can’t get your idea off the ground without it. Dipping into your own savings may be a possibility, as is asking friends and family for…

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Resource Guide for the Yahoo Smart and Simple Guide to Starting Your Business Part 4: Naming Your Business

In part four of our Smart and Simple Guide to Starting a Business we have been looking at naming your business. You can read an introduction to the topic in ‘The Name Game’ and follow an in-depth worksheet, ‘Naming Your Business.’ In addition, the links and articles listed below will provide more background and techniques as well as locations for how to do DBA searches.

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